Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Goodbye 2014!

Happy New Years from Modity Inc!

No, we don’t have any snappy New Years sayings or graphics but we are working on it!(Cross your fingers for next year)

But what we do have is fun too, I promise. Well its fun if you find work related things entertaining…

We have an overview of some of the things we did this year!

Customization – Customizing gift cards and lanyards isn’t new to us. We are happy to help with that. But what is new is the option to preview your lanyards as you build them with our lanyard tool!
This year we added custom print badge reels too! Now you can get your company name and/or logo printed right on your reel!
One more custom thing we added, we started printing custom inventory labels!

Wristband Printers – We added wristband printer systems! These printers can be customized for the information you need on the wristbands, such as name and time. The better part is we can set it up for you!

Photo Printers – Along with expanding our custom options, we expanded our products a little bit. We added dye-sublimation photo printers! So instead of ink, this is one more printer that takes a ribbon!

So as you can see we took our familiar and expanded it some. Still, at the core we are still the same lots of inks, ribbons, and customization to fit your needs.

Have a happy and safe New Years. We will see you in 2015!

- The Modity Inc. Team

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tis the Gift Card Season

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us here at Modity Inc.

We know this time of year is important for your business, and we are here to help! We have the supplies for your ID and Gift Card printers ready to go to help you keep those gift cards printing and sales coming!